About LDIR

LDIR facilitatorsThe Leadership Development in Intergroup Relations (LDIR) program works on a very personal level with people in all kinds of organizations and communities who want to learn how to overcome tensions between groups and empower themselves to succeed together.

Through a range of distinctive services—from insight analysis and consulting, to shorter workshops on breaking down barriers and facilitating collaboration, to longer intensive seminars on healing and leadership practices for social change—LDIR provides unique training and tools proven to create meaningful conversations and help teams discover the value of shared power, diversity, and inclusion.

Each of us has a history and a story that is both very particular, yet undeniably shaped by power dynamics in the world around us. LDIR creates a brave space for sharing and learning from our stories, in order to methodically reveal and challenge inequity at personal, local, and institutional levels. This process of reflection is a key part of every person’s journey to awareness, and the foundation for building a toolkit of strategies for working collaboratively in today’s increasingly diverse world.

Our own history as a multiracial initiative developed in the midst of the tensions leading to the 1990s Los Angeles civil unrest has informed insights and innovations that make LDIR one of the most respected sources for real personal and institutional transformation guided by social justice values. Based at Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles, LDIR is co-sponsored by the Martin Luther King Dispute Resolution Center and the Central American Resource Center.