Study Circle

LDIR Study Group Meeting SignStudy Circle

LDIR is proud to offer a LDIR Study Circle! The Study Circle aims to create a space where we all can strengthen our understanding of social justice issues.

The Study Circle is a series of structured discussion groups that meet on a regular basis.  We get together at someone’s house to connect and have fun while empowering each other to become more socially conscious thinkers!

The Study Circle was founded in direct response to many participants and facilitators who asked for an arena where we can get together and discuss such topics.  Through discussion of collectively chosen readings, movies, and audio recordings centered around specific social justice issues we help each other strengthen our analysis.

Topics we’ve explored so far include:
Islamophobia and the rise of anti-Muslim violence in the US
Arizona’s SB1070 and the Dream Act
Love and hate in Spike Lee’s 1989 film, Do the Right Thing
Comedian Louis C.K.’s use of race and gender in his routines

If you have any more questions or want to be part of the Study Circle please contact Povi-Tamu Bryant (213) 241-0263 or