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Build your community of care – apply for Healing for Social Change by 2/22/13

“Too often self-care in our organizational cultures gets translated to our individual responsibility to leave work early, go home- alone- and go take a bath, go to the gym, eat some food and go to sleep. So we do all of that ‘self-care’ to return to organizational cultures where we reproduce the systems we are trying to break; where we are continually reminded of our own trauma or exposed and absorb secondary PTSD, and where we then feel guilty or punished for leaving work early the night before to take a bubble bath.

Self-care, as it is framed now, leaves us in danger of being isolated in our struggle and our healing. Isolation of yet another person, another injustice, is a notch in the belt of Oppression. A liberatory care practice is one in which we move beyond self-care into caring for each other.”

Yashna Maya Padamsee from “Communities of Care, Organizations for Liberation”

LDIR’s new workshop series, Healing for Social Change, is as much about building networks of support as much as it is about strengthening our critiques and practices around wellness. Apply by February 22, 2013 to join us for this unique opportunity. We’re looking forward to partnering with you to grow communities of care.

1/26/13 Come to a LDIR workshop at UC Irvine!

Asian Pacific American Awareness Conference

On Saturday, January 26, LDIR will be presenting an interactive workshop, “Activist Essentials: Becoming a Proactive Ally” at 11am and 2pm as part of the annual Asian Pacific Awareness Conference at UC Irvine.

It costs only $5 to register for the conference, so sign up and join us for some short, but sweet awareness and skills building.

Here’s the full workshop description:

Activist Essentials: Becoming a Proactive Ally

What does it take to be a truly collaborative leader? Whether or not we’re aware of it, we often come to collaboration and movement building with our own biases, stereotypes, and oppressive ways of thinking. This interactive workshop challenges participants to locate themselves and interrupt the urge to be passive about privilege and oppression, so that we can begin to figure out how to actively and meaningfully organize in solidarity with one another.

LDIRs in Health 2011 & LDIR’s 20th Anniversary

This year, the LDIR program is celebrating its 20th anniversary of facilitating movement building. Since 1991, LDIR has worked to raise consciousness, promote collaboration and power sharing, and provide practical skills and tools for effective strategies for social change.

LDIR is based in Los Angeles, but has partnered with communities in Flint, Michigan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Merced, California to share LDIR’s community-centered approach to grassroots organizing for collective liberation across the country. The LDIR program’s lead co-sponsor is the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) and is co-sponsored by the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) and the Martin Luther King Dispute Resolution Center/Southern Christian Leadership Conference (MLKDRC/SCLC).

In its twentieth year, LDIR is proud to announce the 3rd launch of the LDIRs in Health training program in Los Angeles this fall. LDIRs in Health grew out of LDIR’s commitment to help community leaders support holistic community health by promoting food justice, peace, safety, and inclusive, culturally competent health practices. Through the 6-month LDIRs in Health training program, LDIR supports health advocates in deepening their analysis around the root causes of health disparities within their communities. Participants also develop skills to work collaboratively to create sustainable, community health projects.

For more information please review the LDIRs in Health Application, Program Description and Curriculum Schedule. If you think it would be helpful, LDIR staff is available to conduct presentations about the LDIRs in Health for community groups. Please contact LDIR to schedule a presentation.

Applications are due June 13, 2011. (For an extension contact LDIR)

3 easy ways to apply:
By fax: (213) 977-7595
By mail: 1145 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Questions? Contact LDIR by email: or by phone: (213) 241-0263.

December 2010: Central Valley LDIRship for Social Change

Central ValleyIn December 2010, LDIR is excited to offer a training in Central Valley in partnership with Healthy House within a MATCH Coalition. The training, entitled Central Valley LDIRship for Social Change, will bring together a diverse cross-section of leaders from underrepresented communities in Merced, Stanislaus, Madera, and Tulare counties. Participants will work to deepen their analysis and awareness of social justice issues while enhancing their skills in self-reflective leadership, coalition building, and facilitation.

Read more about our Central Valley training.

September 14, 2010: Facilitation Workshop at The California Endowment

The California EndowmentOn September 14, 2010, LDIR will be spending the day at The California Endowment’s Center for Healthy Communities to lead the workshop, Facilitating Social Change: Linking Power and Facilitation, for a large group of advocates from public health, legal, education, and other community-based organizations in the nonprofit and public sector. Our long-time friend, thuan nguyen, coordinator for the California Fund for Youth Organizing, will be joining the LDIR team to support the session.

The workshop will be a unique opportunity for participants to:

  • Explore cultural identity and how it informs the process of facilitating networks, collaboratives, and meetings;
  • Develop and practice strategies to address difficult facilitation dynamics that arise as a result of intergroup tensions;
  • Leave with resources, important anti-oppression terminology, and a better understanding of the history of certain terms and identifiers.

This workshop is now full, but if you are interested in staying informed about future trainings, please join our mailing list by filling out the form on our homepage.

Expanding LDIRship to the Central Valley, CA

The LDIR program, along with its Merced-based program partner, Healthy House Within A MATCH Coalition,  will be launching a three-year program initiative in the Central Valley this fall. The LDIR/Healthy House collaborative was one of 18 programs funded by the Community Leadership Project (CLP), a three-year funding initiative sponsored by the Hewlett, Irvine and Packard Foundations.
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