LDIR meets with visitors from Serbia to share learnings and resources.


Carmen Morgan, Lesly Gonzalez, and Goldie Buchanan meeting representatives from minority groups in Serbia

On Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 LDIR Program Director, Carmen Morgan along with Lesly González, Youth Programs Coordinator and J. Ileto Hate Crimes Prevention Fellow and Goldie Buchanan, Manager of the Parent Organization Network, met with members of a delegation from Serbia. The delegation represented the various minority populations of Serbia: Mr. Galip Beciri, president of the Albanian National Minority Council (NMC), Ms. Almira Suljevic is member of the Bosniak NMC, Mr. Petar Rodifcis Nad, president of the Greek NMC, and Mr. Vitomir Mihajlovic heads both the Roma NMC and the coordinating body of the 19 NMCs.

The team asked about US Affirmative Action policies and was interested in the US public education system.  Because the Serbian government is currently enacting their own affirmative action policies, the visitors were most interested in lessons learned from the US.  There was also interest in exploring cross cultural exchange with areas of the LDIR program.  LDIR in Serbia coming soon?