Leading for Change

Whether it’s bringing a more social justice lens to your work and activism or whether it’s working with more compassion, empathy, understanding – this type of of thinking requires constant evaluation.  Ensuring that diversity, equity, acceptance, and fairness fosters better culture and communities which in turn creates your organization to be more effective.

What are the roots of your leadership? Is it inclusive enough? Does your leadership team carry the same values? Are you prioritizing creating change in your work as a leader? Are you recognizing different types of leadership? Take a look at “Characteristics of Social Change Leader”, to learn what it looks like to lead while centering social change.

Perhaps you notice at your organization, people are not taking the time to recognize everyone’s different backgrounds and different lived experiences. You find that it affects their team building capabilities. Do they understand how they interact with their communities and how their communities interact with them? This exercise here explores race, ethnicity, spirituality, socio-economic class and ability, and evaluates the feelings and attitudes that are influenced by that identity. Take a look at this handout here: “CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE” and see if you can facilitate this with your team to have them explore their identities in relation to others. 

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