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LDIR to hold 2011 Alumni Retreat on April 8-10!

LDIR is thrilled to offer an Alumni Retreat on April 8-10, 2011 in Santa Barbara, CA!

The LDIR Alumni Retreat is a space for LDIR program graduates to rejuvenate and energize ourselves, and offers opportunities to reengage with the program in a deeper way and connect our work with broader social justice issues. Dialogue spaces, training opportunities, stretching on the beach, hiking and massage services will be available.

For the Love of Justice

LDIR alumni and friends at the inaugural For the Love of Justice event

The LDIR program held its inaugural For the Love of Justice event on February 14th, 2010 at CARECEN. LDIR’s work – to break the isolation that is shared amongst people in the struggle for social justice – was the foundation for bringing people together on February 14th. Our hope was to reclaim Valentine’s Day as a justice-loving day, one that included all forms of loving expression – a day that was not bound by gender-conforming heterosexism and consumerism, but instead, a day that celebrated the complex identities and expression of us all. The event brought together LDIR alumni, their friends, loved ones and supporters, to celebrate Lunar New Year, and recognize LDIR’s 19 years of community building work in Los Angeles.
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