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Facilitation Best Practices

Whether it’s leading a big or small meeting at work or hosting a community forum – developing facilitation skills are important. If you are going to be facilitating conversations to get them into actions, learn ways to navigate people through an agenda to reach goals in the most effective way possible. Remember, there’s a difference in leading a meeting and facilitating one. 

For example – a good facilitator doesn’t feel the need to talk all the time, but allows for group input to be discussed and for it to be charted through appropriately. 

Facilitation is a process that guides discussion but doesn’t always provides the answer – they help the group reach the answer in their own process. You help members explore their opinions and help them reach points that they didn’t know they were even making. Learn more about what it means to be a good facilitator!

What happens when there are different personalties on the team and it becomes hard to navigate? Here is a worksheet to guide instances in Dealing with Challenging Behaviors –