Testimonials “After LDIR, everything I do I see through a social justice lens. I learned about my responsibility to support others, to develop voice, to speak for those who don’t have a voice. I gained awareness of how much work there is to do. I take every opportunity I have to pass on what I know, and realize how much I need to learn and do. I’m always looking to continue growing…”  – Alcira Dominguez – ’04 Los Angeles Community-Based Training

“I learned the basic premises of egalitarian, consensus-building leadership with a purpose. I learned to organize, think, and learn together.” – Lloyd Wilkey, ’94 Los Angeles Community-Based Training

“A key moment for me was hearing and learning how people self-identify. I learned about respecting and making no assumptions–about being sensitive… I learned about how privilege plays out and how to identify it in all settings in everyday life. ” – Erica Millán, ’11 Central Valley LDIRship for Social Change

“I’ve gained the skills to articulate issues to different ethnicities, and I’m able to raise awareness to all sides to try to build bridges. I also gained awareness regarding the lack of resources… I became more conscious of white privilege and the perceptions that others have. I am conscious of the language one uses to talk about certain topics.”- Kathleen Mooney, 05 Los Angeles Facilitator Training

“Attending these sessions not only highted my awareness of my own pitfalls it also brought to the forefront the desperate need for this type of training in my field of choice, healthcare. Not only do I think this LDIR program should be sustained, I encourage and see the need to expand it!”- Carmenanne Tolksdorf, ’04 Los Angeles Community-Based Training