Regardless of the particular workshop or service your organization might need, the Leadership Development in Intergroup Relations (LDIR) program consistently delivers reliable solutions you can depend on to be:

Our highly experienced facilitators create a brave space for the hard work of self-examination. We specialize in listening and letting personal stories and cultural knowledge already in the room gently guide the conversation toward common understanding.

Whether the goal is conflict resolution, better communication, building a culture of empowerment, or any need to optimize how your team works together, LDIR has the right tools and techniques to help you collaboratively achieve your toughest objectives.

Your organization or group has very real obstacles and very limited resources to spend on anything that fails to deliver tangible results. The LDIR program helps your most essential leaders recognize both the benefits and the challenges of diversity, then effectively manage your groups to work together in a spirit of cooperation, and team accomplishment.

For over 20 years, the LDIR program has inspired nonprofit organizations, businesses, schools, youth groups, foundations, coalitions, and alliances of a wide variety to strengthen their own leadership, communications, and general wellbeing. Time after time, our approach overcomes challenges by helping each person within to find their own power.

While LDIR is at the forefront of developing our own simple, effective and relevant approaches, we are always exploring the latest thinking in psychology, sociological trends, and leadership development to continuously improve our breakthroughs and results.

If you are in search of a program to help your organization meet particular training requirements or compliances, LDIR provides both long-established and customizable programs to meet your needs.

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