LDIRs in Health

In 2004, LDIR was approached by The California Endowment to create and facilitate LDIR programming around the health sector.  We felt that we could offer a wide variety of resources addressing the root causes of health disparities and help to reframe health access as a social justice issue.  We wanted to move beyond understanding health issues in broad ways, and focus on how issues involving criminal justice, housing, food justice, employment, and education, are all linked to issues of health and well being.

LDIR recognizes that different communities of race, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic status experience health issues in different ways and face different challenges with health access.  Our goal is to cultivate a growing force of progressive leaders in health who are equipped to cross boundaries to create new strategies, systems and policies to improve community-level health outcomes.  It is based on the philosophy that boundary-crossing skills and relationships are critical to bring about necessary change in the health sector.

LDIR has implemented the LDIRs in Health program in communities across California in the Los Angeles and Central Valley areas. After five cycles of successful programming LDIR is proud to have had a part in guiding and educating community leaders who are dedicated to creating healthier communities.