Who We Are

LDIR is a program led by a fierce, multiracial group of individuals from diverse class backgrounds who take a collective decision-making approach to doing the work. Some of us are first and second generation immigrants. Some of us are queer, and some of us are straight. We come from various communities of faith and define our spirituality in different ways. We know that our identities and social locations inform our work, and that there are many aspects to who we are that our bios do not address. We invite you to get to know us!

Povi-Tamu Bryant
Povi-Tamu (pronounced Pahvee-Tam-0you) comes to LDIR with a commitment to community work and building solidarity amongst marginalized groups.  They grew up in Los Angeles in a low-income family and through their experiences learned to listen to others and build connections across difference through story sharing and listening. Povi-Tamu has worked in communities on anti-violence, popular education, sexual health justice and racial justice especially ending anti-blackness. Povi-Tamu serves on the board of Gender Justice Los Angeles and is actively involved with Justice Warriors 4 Black Lives.  They currently serve as the LDIR Program Manager and bring a strong analysis, facilitation, curriculum development and program management skills to the LDIR team.  Povi-Tamu is also a graduate of UC Irvine where they received their BA in Global Cultures.

Li’i Furumoto
Li'i FurumotoLi’i Furumoto is of Japanese and Mexican descent and a life long resident of the Los Angeles area. She attended Los Angeles Unified School District schools and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she was co-founder of the UCLA Student Initiated Access Center and Director of MEChA de UCLA’s Xinachtli Outreach Program. Furumoto currently works at Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles as the Youth Programs Manager, directing the Leadership Development in Interethnic Relations School Based Program. She also serves on the Board of Human Relations Commissioners for the City of Los Angeles.

Marvin Andrade
Marvin AndradeMarvin H. Andrade is Advancing Justice – LA’s Director of Leadership Development. He provides strategic direction and vision to three leadership program units: the Leadership Development in Interethnic Relations (LDIR) program, the Parent Organizing Network (PON), and the Youth & Parent Leadership Development (YPLD) program. Prior to Advancing Justice – LA, Andrade spent 12 years at the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) as an immigrant rights advocate, serving in different capacities, including serving the last four and a half years as CARECEN’s Executive Director. Andrade is a graduate of University of Southern California with degrees in political science and international relations.