LDIR training


We welcome opportunities to bring our workshops to communities and organizations in all sectors. Workshops and training are based on the curriculum and programming we have developed over the last 25 years and customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. Workshop topic areas include critical leadership, cultural awareness, power dynamics, communication, managing conflict, team-building, community building and wellness. Through our workshop participants are able to raise their awareness on specific issue areas and develop skills to support them in moving that awareness into action.

We aim to make our workshops available and accessible to as many communities and people as possible. To ensure that participants get as much as they can out of our trainings, we limit group size to forty people—though we strongly recommend no more than thirty. Since training activities often involve in-depth discussions, we encourage smaller group sizes of about twenty-five participants. Our workshop time and lengths are customizable based on the needs of your group but we generally advocate for half-day or full-day workshops to best support your team in engaging the topics covered and having an opportunity to apply skills. We are happy to work in partnership with individuals and smaller organizations to determine alternative, budget-appropriate fee structures.

To get a sense of the kind of workshops we can offer,  download our training catalog. Please email us at connect [at] ldir [dot] org and/or submit an intake form to learn more.